Diane Muntean Biography

Diane MunteanDiane Muntean is a nationally respected personal and organizational leadership consultant, and co-founder of the Muntean Leadership Group. She has made the capability development of individuals, teams, and organizations her life’s work.

Diane holds a bachelors degree in counseling from the Pennsylvania State University. For over 15 years, Diane worked with Fortune 100 companies consulting in the areas of new product development, marketing communications, advertising, public relations and community affairs.

In 1991, Diane and her husband Steve founded the Muntean Leadership Group. Since then, Diane has focused her consulting, facilitating and executive coaching in the areas of personal leadership, organizational leadership, strategic planning, culture transformation, personal talent assessment, accelerated learning and motivation. Representative clients include Verizon Wireless, Merck, DuPont, National City Bank, Vanguard, Armstrong World Industries and Teleflex.

Diane’s personal mission is to “help individuals create and live lives they passionately love.” She pursues her mission not only in the business world, but also in her involvement in the community. She also focuses her energies in leadership and teaching positions in her church.

Diane and Steve have three children and live in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

“Diane Muntean is one of the most outstanding seminar presenters and trainers in America today. She is extremely knowledgeable on her subject, and presents wonderful, life-changing ideas in an amazing, enjoyable and captivating manner.

--Brian Tracy
International Speaker, Author of “The Way to Wealth”
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