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Principle 10: Keep It Manageable

Many of your team members are over-worked, stressed out and, it seems, doing the job of several people. They have so many priorities that it is impossible to fully focus on what really is important. Management expects everything to be done now and continually adds new tasks and projects to plates that are already overflowing.

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You might say this is the reality of the 21st. century. Multi tasking is a given and essential for success. . The true superstars are those that can handle everything and not complain while doing it.

Sounds good in theory, but reality suggest that you need to keep it manageable, keep it simple and keep it focused. Your employees need to know what is important for them to focus on right now. If you can’t answer that question for them, then you can’t be an effective leader.I sometimes joke about the statement from a manager saying that his team has 17 top 3 priorities. How can an employee know what is important and focus their energy with 17 conflicting priorities?  Your job is too focus people on 3 or 4 key areas of focus. Make it clear, simple and manageable.

Priorities can certainly change, but when adding new ones, you need to subtract old ones. Hopefully, the subtraction is the result of accomplishing or finishing that priority, but sometimes we need to reorder the areas of focus.

Answer this question:”What are the top 3 or 4 priorities I want my team to focus on now?” Write down the answer, then go to your team and ask them for their top 3-4 priorities. If they are the same, then you have done a great job in alignment and focus. If not, get them focused on the key areas.

Keep it manageable, keep it simple, keep it focused. Your people can accomplish great things, but give them the opportunity through a laser like focus on the vital few priorities that must be accomplished now. Constantly communicate those priorities and use them as your basis for interaction around results and expectations.

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