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Principle 2: Work Toward Accomplishing Meaningful Goals

Someone once said that success is goals and all else is commentary. The commitment to setting and then working towards accomplishing goals separates successful people from everyone else. In fact, your ability to achieve success rests with you mastering the concept of accomplishing the most important goals in your life.

The starting point to mastering goal achievement lies in your understanding of the difference between goals and wishes. Wishes are goals without plans of action. A wish is simply a goal that has no blueprint, no road map and thus no destination. To accomplish anything meaningful, you must first plan your work and then work your plan.

Most people don’t set goals and make plans of action.  The major obstacle for most people is their fears, whether of the unknown, failure, ridicule or rejection. It’s better to achieve little then risk these fears to achieve a lot. The key to overcoming these fears is to understand that they are natural and a necessary requirement for us to accomplish great things. Failing temporarily is quite often required in order to learn the valuable lessons and make course corrections on the road to success.

Let me give you an example. When salespeople prospect for new business they face rejection and failure. In fact, they receive a lot more no’s then yes’s. . It is the process of learning how to get more yes’s that eventually results in the salesperson becoming more and more successful. The process of learning the valuable lessons and applying that learning will result in ultimate success. But, if you’re afraid to risk temporary failure, rejection or ridicule, then fear paralyzes  and prevents you from even wanting to set goals in the first place. So, quite simply, make a commitment to fail your way to success. Set challenging goals and be ready for some initial rough going and temporary defeat as you learn the lessons necessary and gain the knowledge to achieve your goals.

You need to set challenging goals in at least three main areas of life: work/career, personal/family relationships and self improvement/ development. Balance in goal setting maintains the proper perspective for you to have energy across the most important areas of your life.

Start with setting 2 to 3 goals in each area. For example, in work/career you might have a short term (less then 1 year) goal around  increasing your knowledge or expertise in a certain area, a medium term (1-3 year) goal around getting promoted and a long term (3+ years) goal around a specific career position. In personal/family relationships you might focus on your relationship with your spouse or children, a family vacation or new home. And , under self  improvement/development your goals might be health/exercise related or to learn a new language or pick up a new hobby. In any event, capture no more then two or three goals in each category, prioritize the most important one in each  and focus on developing a plan of action. Once you have accomplished one or more of your goals and built your confidence, add on additional goals.

A few closing thoughts:

1. Share your goals only with people who would be supportive and help you achieve them. Stay away from negative people who would resent your success and give you every reason why you can’t accomplish your goals.
2. You must have written action plans with clearly laid out activities and due dates for their accomplishment. Review your goals and actions plans daily and make revisions where appropriate. If you don’t write down your action plan then you are not serious.
3. Accept all feedback as positively moving you towards your goals. Remember that obstacles are the result of setting meaningful goals. If there aren’t any obstacles you would already have accomplished your goal. Obstacles will unleash your creativity to come up with new ideas and solutions.

Remember, you are meant to achieve goals. Goals gives you confidence, high self-esteem and a feeling of self-worth and purpose. Every time you accomplish a goal, you feel better about yourself and your life. Goal for it!

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