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Principle 3 – Optimize Your Time

What do all human beings have in common 100% of the time?. Only one thing and that is 24 hours in a day. We all have the same amount of time and can’t buy any more. It is not an overstatement to say that the only difference between successful people and everyone else is how they use their time.

I have read studies that suggest the average person wastes 30% or more of their work time through socializing, doing personal work, surfing the web and just plain procrastinating. As a result their stressed out, always behind, taking work home and feeling out of control.Even at home, many of us spend too much time on low value tasks like watching television and reading periodicals that don’t expand our knowledge or capabilities.

In order to get control of your time, you need to constantly ask yourself: “What is the most valuable use of my time right now? How can I best use my time right now to accomplish my goals?” By asking these questions you focus your mind on value adding activities, not activities that only use up your valuable time.

Why is it so difficult to discipline ourselves to focus on the most valuable use of our time? It’s pretty simple, since working on the most valuable use of our time is usually hard work, while focusing on trivia or non value adding activities is easy. We take the easy way out because we are not focused on our goals. Then, when our backs are against the wall, we get stressed out by having to focus all our energy on a project or task we procrastinated on.

Remember Principle for Success #2 “Work towards accomplishing meaningful goals.”  In order to optimize your time, all you have to do is keep coming back to your major career. In most cases, the most valuable use of your time is doing something around one of your major work, personal or self development goals. That is why you need to review your goals and action plans daily so that you program yourself to focus on the most valuable use of your time constantly.

Another important concept around optimizing your time is the balance between quality and quantity. Many people believe that you should spend a large quantity of time at work, while maintaining a small, but high quality time in your personal life. I believe we need to change this paradigm. Make your work time high quality and focus on working all the time you work. If you work all the time you work, you will gain 30% or more productivity. Keep your head down, accomplish more and have more non working time.
As a result, you will now have more quantity of time to spend on the quality of your personal life. So, quality versus quantity is replaced with quality (work time) and quality with more quantity in your personal life. A win-win for sure.

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