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Principle 5 – Partner With Change

Most of us do not like change. We resist and avoid most opportunities to change. Why?  We certainly seem to have an endless supply of reasons: it’s not the right time, we like the way things are, we don’t have the money, or that is just not the way we do things around here.

Many of us are just stuck in a rut or comfort zone. Still others worry about what friends and family would think about any new change effort. Successful people understand that acceptance of change is not optional today, but it is mandatory. In fact, creating and embracing change is the mantra of highly successful people.

In order to create and embrace change, you need to CHANGE your paradigm or belief about change. I believe that you must look at change as an opportunity to improve your life. The major reason why organizational change efforts are resisted or fail is because employees believe they will be worse off. Why should I embrace a change that has nothing in it for me? The key to successful organizational change efforts is to focus on demonstrating to the employees what is in it for them.

This is not always easy, but it is necessary. In today’s economic environment, many people are losing their jobs and those that remain are experiencing significant change and upheaval. How do we look at this in terms of being better off? Well, for employees, the restructured company should be more financially stable, which offers the remaining employees a more secure and positive future. For those let go, there is now an opportunity to find a better job, potentially with a better company. The long term may offer far greater rewards then if the person had remained at the previous company.

This is a paradigm shift that requires you to see opportunity within every adversity or setback. We should not wait for potential adversity to practice our paradigm shift. Instead, we create change of our own, thus taking control of the direction of change rather then reacting to it.

How do we do this? The most powerful way is to continually set new, meaningful goals for your career, relationships, and personal development. Setting meaningful goals is covered in detail in Principle for Success #2. The key point here is that you can not get complacent, in a comfort zone, by accomplishing your goals and then not setting new ones.

Carl Lewis was asked how he was able to win Olympic gold for 16 years in track and field, continually defeating younger opponents. How could he keep beating the young lions in a sport where youth is critically important?  His response was that as others tried to focus on catching him; he kept setting new goals, always staying a step ahead of where they were. He would change his diet, exercise program, or practice schedule to maintain that edge.  As competitors tried to beat the ‘old’ Carl Lewis, the ‘new’ Carl Lewis beat the competitors.

Change is accelerating. Embrace it through creating your own change. Revise your goals, set new ones, and control the direction of change for your benefit.

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