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Principle 6 – Build Your Self Esteem

It’s hard to imagine a successful person with low self esteem. High self esteem, on the other hand, is the foundation for success. High self esteem, feeling good about yourself, who you are and where you’re going is vital. High self esteem, that feeling of worth and value on the inside translates to a high degree of self confidence on the outside. So, self esteem and self confidence run in tandem, you can’t have one without the other.

Why is self esteem and self confidence so important? Most of us have areas in our lives where we feel good about ourselves, in control, confident in what we’re doing. It is those areas where we tend to focus our energies and enjoy our results. website ip . It is where we bring value and achieve personal satisfaction. Our self esteem is very high and we act accordingly – positive, constructive, optimistic and cheerful.

No matter what our level of self esteem, we need to continually focus on nurturing and building this foundational quality. Here are ten ideas to help you continuously build your self esteem:

1. Set ever challenging goals and objectives; don’t get into a comfort zone. The ongoing accomplishment of goals keeps your self esteem at a high level.
2. Never become satisfied with your level of knowledge and expertise. . Always be learning and growing in your field.
3. Surround yourself with positive people who have goals similar to yours. Stay away from pessimistic people who focus on the negative.
4. Exercise on a regular basis and take good care of your physical being.
5. Find quality time for solitude and meditation on a regular basis.
6. Volunteer in your community and be active in charitable endeavors.
7. Reward yourself for accomplishing meaningful goals and results.
8. Affirm yourself with positive self talk and affirmations.
9. Give of yourself freely and often in helping others achieve success.
10. Balance work time and personal time. Stick to your commitments with family and friends.

Remember, human beings are happiest when they feel good about themselves and who they are. Focus on building your self esteem as the foundation to success.

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