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Principle 9: Flex Your Communication Style

Many of you have or behavioral assessments such as  DISC or Meyers-Briggs. In most cases, these tools are scary accurate in assessing your communication style. Once we know our style, we can communicate that style to our team and they can then know how best to flex their style and improve their communication with us. This should solve most of our communication problems, the theory goes.

However, if we really are concerned about being a more effective communicator, then we should also be willing to flex or adapt our style. In fact, our willingness to change our behavioral style and adapt to our employee’s style will improve not only communication, but understanding of that communication. It is quite frustrating to have conversations where you think the expectations are clear and then find out later that there was a total lack of clarity and alignment.

Chances are that your behavioral style is similar to no more then 20-25% of the population. That means that up to 80% of people find your style out of sync with how they communicate. In other words, they may marajuna find your style to be overly direct or too analytical or lacking empathy. The result will be that they hear your words, but not your intent or meaning,

Here are some ideas to help you and your team communicate more effectively:

· Focus on the other person’s communication style. Ask how they prefer to be communicated with or review their behavioral assessment, if available.

· Have the whole team complete a behavioral assessment and debrief the results together. Capture how each person likes to be communicated, compile the results and send out to all team members. Have everyone use this to flex their style when communicating with each other.

· After every discussion, have both parties restate what has been agreed too and what are the expectations, in terms of results and time lines.

· When under stress, pressure or in a rush, understand that your tendency will be to revert to your own style. Take a deep breadth, slow down and think before communicating.

Remember, clear communication is critical to your success. Flex and adapt your style to your teams and watch alignment to expectations and corresponding results increase.

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