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Principles For Success

Why are some people more successful than others?  Why do so few people make significantly more money, have better lifestyles and more satisfying relationships?

We all know highly intelligent, well educated people with substantial experience and opportunity who don’t lead very successful lives. Conversely, many of the most successful individuals have surmounted significant difficulties that would derail most people.

Most successful people have mastered 10 specific principles.  Live you life consistent with them and you will see improvements in many facets of your life.  This article covers the first principle.  See subsequent articles for the remaining 9 principles.

Principle 1:  Relentless Desire to be the Best

Having unyielding and unbending desire to be the best fuels successful people.  They are passionate about what they do and bring that energy and enthusiasm to their work each and every day.

Passion comes from thoroughly enjoying and, quite frankly, loving what you do.  Passion has driven athletes, like Tiger Woods to continually strive to improve, emotional support animal never being satisfied with their current level of performance.  It is difficult to imagine anyone having that passion or relentless desire if they are in a job  that they don’t enjoy.

I believe that you can’t realize your potential for success unless you have the desire to be the best and continually raise your own performance bar.  What if you don’t have that desire?  If you’re like most people, you accept it, become comfortable, shut down mentally and look forward to your days off.  Or, you make a decision to start doing what you really enjoy.  You ask yourself:

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Principle 7 – Obstacles Point The Way

There are always obstacles on the road to success. In fact, obstacles are like beacons, they point the way to great success. Many people view obstacles as reasons to avoid success, as excuses for not trying or as justification for the status quo. This is a big mistake. For without obstacles, there can be no success.

You see, obstacles present us with a golden opportunity. Obstacles say loud and clear: you need to learn this or address that, turn right or turn left. Obstacles come to instruct us and tell us what we need to do in order to be successful. Obstacles represent temporary barriers that will eventually fall as we take action to confront them.

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Principle 8: Have Fun

Fully 70-80% of your waking hours will be spent either at work or thinking about work. That is a stiff price to pay if you’re not having any fun. Many studies suggest that over 50% of employees don’t like their jobs; in essence they are not having much fun.

Can you have a good time and still be serious about your responsibilities and results? A resounding yes, especially when you consider that you are more energized, enthusiastic and productive when you’re happy and having fun. If you want to improve your employee’s performance, start bringing a sense of fun and enjoyment to your job and workplace.

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