Why the Muntean Leadership Group?

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No matter what field of endeavor you work in, or how large or small your organization is, every day you are challenged by a new world of work. Today’s highly competitive, fast-paced global economy challenges already successful organizations to become flatter, more innovative, faster, and more responsive to growing customer expectations regarding product quality and service levels.

Helping organizations to adapt and respond to these changing needs and demands are Steve and Diane Muntean.

In additional to being a nationally recognized expert in building sales effectiveness and leadership skills. Steve is also an inspiring speaker, professional consultant, and dynamic facilitator with more than 25 years of sales and management experience.

He’s been a successful entrepreneur as well as held senior management positions in a Fortune 100 company. He’s the author of a number of workshops and seminars in the areas of strategic planning, sales effectiveness, major account development, creativity and innovation, high-performance management and inspirational leadership.

Steve and his wife and partner, Diane, founded the Muntean Leadership Group in 1991 to help organizations focus on developing breakthrough leadership capabilities within themselves and within their executives. Through a variety of programs Steve now helps businesses focus on their most critical key to success – unleashing their people’s potential.

“Steve and Diane Muntean are among the most accomplished speakers, consultants and trainers in the business. They have combined their many years of wisdom and experience, working with hundreds of companies and thousands of participants, into seminars and workshops that transform the lives and careers of everyone who is touched by them."

--Brian Tracy
International Speaker, Author of “The Way to Wealth”

For more than 20 years the Muntean Leadership Group has helped organizations vision their future and develop the capabilities to realize it. Steve and Diane Muntean credit much of their success to the Maximum Performance System of Leadership Development, which focuses on the five core processes that drive maximum performance and breakthrough results—Organizational Leadership,
Sales Leadership, Personal Leadership, Performance Coaching, and Selection and Employee Retention strategies.

Steve and Diane Muntean deliver breakthrough results by:

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