Accelerated Learning for Trainers

Revolutionary Training Techniques to Maximize Learning

The Opportunity

When the only constant is change, how we learn has become a logical initial priority over what we learn… and how we train must fit into the realities of how we learn.

The Accelerated Learning process from The Muntean Leadership Group can significantly reduce the cost of training; increase trainer confidence, speed, accuracy, and teamwork; and increase the enjoyment of the learning experience.

This innovative program is based on research from several major universities (Harvard, Yale, UCLA and Edinburgh) and proven in business applications (Porsche, Kodak, Bell Atlantic, etc.).

The Program

Accelerated Learning for Trainers, is a practical process of teaching and training, which enables the trainer to accommodate differences in learning styles automatically within a single class. It provides a consistent framework, so that the trainer can be confident that information is being learned in such a way that each trainee will absorb it readily, and that they will make behavior changes as a result.

The Benefits

Participants experience, understand, and are able to use Accelerated Learning techniques in all areas of work and life. Participants understand their own ideal learning style, and appreciate the diversity of others’ learning styles.

Each participant applies the Accelerated Training Model to a specific training program he/she is currently developing, facilitating or managing. Each participant is able to immediately use the course content in relation to their specific training responsibilities.

Participants understand how to design and facilitate programs that ensure that:

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