Break-It! Thinking

A Pathway to Unconventional Wisdom

The Challenge

The conventional wisdom that advises “stick to the tried and true, work hard, listen to the voice of experience” is no longer a likely avenue to success. Today, people are facing abrupt and surprising changes – “rip-roaring” changes – at an unprecedented pace.

Our jobs and organizations are transforming, whether we like it or not, requiring us to deal with new uncertainties. Past rules are failing us on a daily basis, rapid change is now the norm, and conventional approaches are challenged at every turn.

In this new uncertain environment, we all must learn to replace conventional wisdom with “unconventional wisdom.”

The Program

The Break-It! Thinking strategies and techniques learned will foster better ideas, more positive outlooks, and the ability to handle challenges in new and effective ways. This fast- paced, two-day workshop sends participants back to their offices with new ideas, new excitement, and a new outlook on this changing world.

Participants gain:

The Muntean Leadership Group’s Break-It! Thinking uses the latest in adult-learning technology to help professionals go beyond just understanding the concepts of the Break-It! Thinking model to actually taking action and incorporating these concepts into their work.

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