EAGLES Personal Leadership Course

Soaring to New Heights of Personal Leadership

The Challenge

Confident, empowered people are essential in today’s world of work where global competitiveness, instant communication, new technologies, and rising customer expectations are driving change at unprecedented speeds. However, most people don’t focus on developing these qualities of confident, empowered people, and few people understand what brings them personal fulfillment and success.

The Program

Eagles is a two-day advanced personal leadership course which facilitates the self-discovery process of identifying and pursuing one’s true meaning and purpose in life.

This intensive and experiential program enables individuals to become more productive and personally more fulfilled, as they embrace the new responsibilities and challenges of today’s newly structured business environments.

The Muntean Leadership Group’s Eagles course continues your journey of self-discovery, self-development, and personal leadership by strengthening the following qualities of confident, empowered people:

Eagles helps develop individuals for high levels of organizational performance and personal fulfillment. It is designed for those individuals who are committed to a continuous journey of personal and professional growth and development.

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