Select and Retain Top Talent

The Best Companies Have the Best People

Select and Retain Top TalentDoes your company have a system in place to:

For most companies, the answer is “no.” They may have tools in some of the areas, but not a complete process.

The starting point is hiring the right person for the job. The cost of a hiring mistake can be staggering, estimated upwards of three times the annual salary. That’s the result of lost knowledge, reduced department productivity, unhappy customers, cost of recruiting, loss or wasted training time, and lost business opportunity.

With no system of measurement, most people hired in the interview process are hired by the head, not the heart. Personal bias is injected and poor hiring decisions are made. Often employees are hired for skills, only to be fired for attitude.

At the Muntean Leadership Group, our Job Benchmarking process maximizes your ability to select and retain talented employees.

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