A Complete Sales Development Process for Your Organization

Sales Leadership Overview

You can’t jam a square peg into a round hole. So, our sales leadership process must be yours, not ours. Your specific sales process, goals, vision, and requirements are assumed to be unique. As a result, we base our sales system on the following:

Salesperson Application Study

The Muntean Leadership Group’s Application Study determines a number of crucial facts about each of your salespeople:

The information collected is used as the basis for the “Salesperson Profile.” The study utilizes questionnaires, assessment tools, field work and interviews.

Sales Manager Application Study

Similar data, from a management standpoint, is collected. We concentrate on the manager’s key responsibility areas and most-pressing challenges. If appropriate, we utilize the Effective Manager Assessment Survey to compare each manager’s perceptions of his/her effectiveness with his/her subordinates’ perceptions.

Executive Interviews

To make certain the training is done right, we conduct pre-training interviews with key executive personnel. This ensures that management’s goals, priorities, and requirements/standards are satisfied.

Design and Development

Based on the above analysis, we design and develop the specific sales and management training curriculum for your company. We view the sales and management curriculum as a continuous process. Your commitment to maximizing the effectiveness of your people requires ongoing professional development.


Utilizing our own certified facilitators or through certifying your own in-house trainers, we implement, monitor, and continuously evaluate the training and results of your sales team.


We provide reinforcement tools to ensure that what is learned is practiced and utilized on the job. This is the most important part of training, as 70 to 80% of all training is forgotten within 30 to 60 days unless reinforced properly.

Our Sales Leadership System components include:

In addition to our established programs, we also develop sales workshops customized to a specific need or requirement of your business. Our sales development process can help turn your dreams of a sales leadership position for your organization into reality.

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