Discover The New Psychology of Selling

Why do 20 to 30% of Salespeople Produce Between 70 and 80% of Sales?

The Challenge

Top salespeople are one of your most important assets. Yet, only 20 to 30% of all salespeople consistently meet or exceed their sales targets. Almost all want to sell more, but they don’t know how. The goal of the company must be to develop more of these high performers.

The Program

Muntean Leadership Group’s New Psychology of Selling provides salespeople with the professional selling skills and behavioral tools required for success today. This two to three-day highly interactive workshop brings immediate results to your business.

Topic areas include:

New Psychology of Selling also provides salespeople with the psychological or behavioral tools utilized by top salespeople including:

Also available are a number of assessment tools to help in hiring top salespeople. These assessments help you identify their behavioral style, their knowledge of the sales process, as well as their motivation and drive.

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